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Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching for stress and anxiety relief and empowerment.


Mindfulness practices to help you slow down and be more present.  Relaxation & grounding techniques to reduce stress.



Guided meditations and visualization to gain clarity, create a vision for your life, and tap into your own inner wisdom for guidance.

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Affirmations & self-reflection to awaken your inspiration and creativity and activate the power within.

Work With Me!

Online appointments only.  Schedule a free consultation call today!

What is Mindfulness Coaching?

Mindfulness coaching helps you develop skills that increase your awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and actions as they come up in the present moment.  It involves learning to slow down and observe yourself with curiosity.  This helps you build understanding of what’s going on and what you need in any given moment so that you can make a choice in how you’d like to respond, rather resorting to old familiar patterns that keep you stuck. 

Mindfulness is a valuable practice that can help:

  • Improve your mood & outlook

  • Reduce anxiety & stress

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Improve your relationships

  • Increase patience

  • Increase motivation

  • Build resilience

Check out my guided meditations, audio courses, and live events on Insight Timer.

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