Less Anxiety. 

More Confidence.

Therapy for Social Anxiety in Oakland, CA

You’re tired of feeling highly anxious and overwhelmed in social situations and feeling self-conscious in everyday interactions.


You feel like you just aren’t good in social situations and you’re afraid of being judged by others, so you tend to avoid meeting new people, you don’t go out much, and you don’t speak up even when you have something important that you want to say. 

You wish you could live a more “normal” life and be more comfortable in social settings but your social anxiety is getting in the way.


You’ve noticed that…

  • You get really nervous in certain social situations to the point of blushing, sweating, trembling, feeling dizzy or nauseous, having an upset stomach, your mind going blank, or your voice getting shaky.

  • Your anxiety has gotten so intense that you've had an anxiety attack or a panic attack.

  • You spend time before social situation dreading it and worrying about the worst possible outcomes, like being criticized, rejected, or humiliated.

  • You feel self-conscious during social situations, paying close attention to everything you say or do, worried about what others are thinking and worried that you can’t control your anxiety or hide your "awkwardness" and other people will notice.

  • You spend time after social situations replaying everything you said and did and identifying all of the flaws or mistakes in your interactions.  Then you feel depressed and ashamed because of how harshly you judge yourself.


  • You have a tendency to avoid going places, doing things, speaking up, or being in situations where you might feel put on the spot, at the center of attention, or judged.


Avoidance sometimes can seem like a good short-term coping strategy but your anxiety doesn't go away and it’s exhausting. You’re missing opportunities, it’s limiting your achievements at work or school, and it’s impacting your ability to form and maintain relationships.

It’s getting in the way of living the life you would like for yourself.

It's time to get help with your social anxiety.  You've come to the right place.

Get Connected with a Therapist in Oakland, CA

I will help you:

  • Find strategies to manage anxiety & worry so that you can navigate social situations with greater ease

  • Increase awareness of your patterns of thinking and how they impact how you feel 

  • Start shifting your negative thinking to be more kind and compassionate toward yourself 

  • Recognize your strengths and capabilities

  • Feel more confident and capable of achieving your goals


You can live a life with less anxiety and more confidence.

I understand that the idea of opening up to a therapist can feel uncomfortable, especially if you are already feeling anxious and overwhelmed. I provide a free initial phone consultation for you to hear more about how I can help and to see if working together is a good fit for your needs.

If you are ready to get help with your social anxiety, you can get started by clicking the button below. 

I look forward to talking with you.

**Online appointments available.**

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?  I now offer ONLINE COURSES to help you find relief.

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