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self esteem improvement

Therapy for Self-Esteem

Being hard on yourself, or self-critical, leads to some familiar patterns. 


You may find that sometimes it pushes you to try harder, but often you’re left feeling disappointed, frustrated, and stressed because no matter how hard you try it never seems like enough. 


Other times you may choose not to try at all and you avoid going places, trying new things, meeting new people, or moving toward your goals because you’ve already decided that you’re not good enough or you’re afraid that you will be seen as a failure.


You feel anxious a lot of the time because you are afraid of making a mistake or exposing your flaws, limitations, or vulnerability.


All in all, you feel stuck and frustrated with yourself for not being able to handle things better or move forward. 

Find Relief and Live Life More Fully

You've noticed that...​

  • You're self-critical or beat yourself up even when you did a good job

  • You often feel unsure about yourself

  • You have difficulty making decisions

  • Every mistake you make seems worse than it actually is

  • You're sensitive to criticism and/or rejection

  • You have a hard time accepting compliments or praise

  • You feel worthless, unlovable, undeserving, like a failure, ashamed

  • You have difficulty with saying no or standing up for yourself

  • You feel guilty on a regular basis, apologizing excessively, or taking responsibility for things that aren't really your fault

It's time to build your self-confidence and self-compassion. You've come to the right place.


I will help you:

  • Start to view yourself more positively, recognize your strengths, and feel more confident

  • Increase awareness of your patterns of thinking and how they impact how you feel 

  • Calm your mind and offer yourself compassion to help you find relief and feel better about yourself

You can live a life with less anxiety, less self-doubt, and more confidence.

If you are ready to find relief from self-doubt and start feeling more confident, you can get started by clicking the button below. Schedule a phone consultation through my online scheduler or send me an email.

I look forward to talking with you.

I understand that the idea of opening up to a therapist can feel uncomfortable, especially if you are already feeling unsure and overwhelmed. I provide a free initial phone consultation for you to hear more about how I can help and to see if working together is a good fit for your needs.

**Online appointments available.**

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