Online Courses

I'm now offering online courses that teach practical and effective strategies for finding relief from anxiety & stress and for building your resilience.

Each course is self-paced, meaning once you enroll you can get started immediately and complete the course at your own pace.  You get unlimited access to the course videos and materials.

Current Courses

Moving Forward & Through: 

The complete guide for building resilience and getting your life back on track.

A self-paced online course offering you effective tools & strategies to overcome challenges & move through obstacles with greater ease.

Tools, strategies, and resources to help you:
  • Find relief from anxiety & stress
  • Improve your mindset & outlook
  • Build self-compassion
  • Gain new perspective
  • Create a clear vision & goals for yourself
  • Build motivation
  • Get the support you need & deserve

Easing Your Worried Mind:

A step-by-step guide to finding relief from worry.

A FREE mini-course to help you find peace of mind.

Designed to help you:

  • Understand worry and your worry process
  • Learn to slow the process down and help you be more present
  • Learn techniques to help you disrupt the worry cycle and better manage your worries
  • Find productive solutions to provide you with relief

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?  I now offer ONLINE COURSES to help you find relief.

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