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Online Courses

I'm now offering online courses that teach practical and effective strategies for finding relief from anxiety & stress and for building your resilience.

Each course is self-paced, meaning once you enroll you can get started immediately and complete the course at your own pace.  You get unlimited access to the course videos and materials.

Current Courses

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Staying Calm & Clear:

A mini-course to help you find relief from

stress & anxiety.

Designed to help you:

  • Understand your nervous system's response to stress
  • Learn the keys to successful coping
  • Learn mindfulness practices & effective techniques to manage stress & anxiety
  • Discover ways to calm your body & mind

Moving Forward & Through: 

The complete guide for building resilience and getting your life back on track.

A self-paced online course offering you effective tools & strategies to overcome challenges & move through obstacles with greater ease.

Tools, strategies, and resources to help you:
  • Find relief from anxiety & stress
  • Improve your mindset & outlook
  • Build self-compassion
  • Gain new perspective
  • Create a clear vision & goals for yourself
  • Build motivation
  • Get the support you need & deserve
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